USE GUIDE and TIPS - BeatPic for Viddy


You can use BeatPic for Viddy to create short videos, animating photos to the beat of the music. Use it when the video camera is not able to pass your message.

Some cases where a short video is the best suited option:
• self portrait,
• holidays compilation,
• product presentation,
• changes over time (ex: you, your city...),
• musical extrait presentation,
• your best meals of the last month, ...


BeatPic for Viddy allows you to create easily 15 seconds video clips animating your photos to the beat of the music. The video format has been specially designed for Viddy but it can be shared in Facebook and YouTube too.

Choosing short video duration has some important advantages:

 • Internet upload is very quickly, even when using the phone's 3G connection

 • It's easier to capture others' interest than with longer videos.

For functional reasons, quantity is limited to 30 photos.


Devices: iPhone 3/3GS/4/4S, iPodTouch 4G
IOS: 5.0 or upper


• Add the title to identify the video clip. It won't appear in the video, but in the description when sharing.
• Add photos from your library. Arrange them in your preferred order. Your library can contain photos taken with the iPhone or coming from a PC/Mac
• Add comments to the photos. Push the button "Titles". Comments will appear with each photo in the video.
• Add a song from your library. Or no music at all...


1) Select the song (if not already done)

2) Select song fragment (Press Starts at button for selecting the start of the fragment. The duration is 15 seconds)

3) One out of three modes can be chosen for synchronizing:

  i) Beat: With the next beat of the song the next photo appears on the clip. If last photo is reached, we continue with the first one. >You must find the beat tapping the TAP button while the fragment sounds. Let the shoe help you....

  ii) Free: When you press the TAP button the next photo appears on the clip. If last photo is reached, we continue with the first one.

  iii) Fit: All the photos are included in the clip; the displaying time in the clip is the same for each one of them. This mode doesn't synchronize with audio.


Several graphical themes are available to wrap the images:

  •Texture paper

  •Brick wall

  •Sketchy stars

You can select different transitions:




And you can add for any of them the dynamic "camera movin'" effect.

The video effects can be immediately viewed in your clip pressing the "Play" button in the preview display.


There are two choices for clip definition. In "fast upload" mode, resolution is 480x360 pixels and in "normal" mode is 640x480.

The normal mode produces video of better quality, but increases saving and uploading times aprox. in 40%.

NOTE: For iPhone3 only "fast upload" mode is available (480x360 pixels).


Facebook: Select "YouTube+Facebook" button after pushing "Share" button on TV view. In this case you must know that:

1)The video is uploaded to YouTube and linked to Facebook. For this reason you need a YouTube account.

2)Keep in mind too that all the videos published in Facebook will be PUBLIC in YouTube (required to be linked).

YouTube: Select "YouTube" button after pushing "Share" button on TV view.

Viddy: BeatPic creates a clip ready to be published in Viddy, but it isn't possible to share directly to Viddy. There's an easy solution to publish in Viddy:

1)Save the clip
2)Open the Viddy app. Load the clip from the Camera Roll. No need to trim (15 sec clip).

NOTE: At the date (Aug/2012), the only way of publishing in Viddy is through their own app (We hope Viddy will publish soon an API).


• Quick reference help integrated in the application


Effects tips:

• For a better graphical result, use transitions "Fly" or "Move" when 15 or less photos appears in the clip.

Saving tips:

• Don't minimize application while saving or save will be canceled

Sharing tips:

• Consider using "Fast upload" quality resolution for reducing upload times. Bear in mind that image quality will be smaller, but good enough to play videos on smartphones.