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BeatPic for Viddy allows you to create easily 15 seconds video clips animating your photos to the beat of the music. The video format has been specially designed for Viddy but it can be shared in Facebook and YouTube too.

What makes this app special?

1) Mixes dozens of photos and music in a 15 seconds video, ready to be uploaded to Viddy
2) It allows to synchronize audio and images very easily, creating more punchy videos.

Features at a glance

•Quick video creation from user's photos and music
•Synchronization of photos and music. Three modes: Fit, Beat and Free(manual)
•Three Graphical themes
•Three Transition types
•"Movin' camera" effect
•Available video qualities:
   -480x360 (iPhone 4/4S +iPhone 3)
   -640x480(only iPhone 4/4S)

•Faster upload, using video compression
•Save to Camera Roll
•Direct share: Facebook+YouTube or YouTube
•Integrated help

BeatPic for Viddy - Quick Overview

Sax theme "7 Skies" by Dan-O

WHY "For Viddy"?

Viddy is a great video-sharing social network. It allows users to post videos of 15 seconds or less. Although their app is perfect for editing video, it doesn't allow you to put photos in the clip or using your own music.

BeatPic for Viddy allows to do it and creates the clip in a compressed 15 second format, ready to be shared from Viddy App.


Devices: iPhone 3/3GS/4/4S, iPodTouch 4G
IOS: 5.0 or upper

For publishing in Facebook you'll need also a YouTube account.
Recommended: Install Facebook app (free) to avoid typing your login at each upload



The video
Synchro photos and music
Effects and themes
Compose view


Some examples of video clips produced with BeatPic for Viddy.


FREE synchro mode + REPLACE transition + Movin' camera

2. SKETCHY STARS with titles

BEAT synchro mode + FLY transition + Titles